Twenty Seventeen

It is a good year for a good year, right?! I get so excited about a new year, a fresh start and 365 opportunities to make our goals and dreams a reality, to search within and reach the potential that God created me for. So, let me start off with a "Hi, I'm Jamie" and I'm so glad your here! My hope is that you always leave feeling encouraged and inspired in some way!  I have felt for quite some time and encouragement from friends that I should start sharing my adventures and my passions of Jesus, our design and building projects and not to leave out my extreme love of Shiplap! To be completely honest the whole blogging thing kind of scares me, it's a new space and territory that will be a learning curve for me. One of my highlights in 2016 included the launching of my website, with the hopes to start blogging then. is the time and you want to know how I'm going to tackle this? Keep reading....

I'm going to tackle this just like how I do with every other situation in life I face. I just start! It's almost like a dive in kind of thing. It's almost like your not fully ready or prepared kind of thing. You've been there right?! It's starting something new, even when you have reservations, hesitations and you don't have all the answers and you really don't see the big picture! I've learned that all to well by experience. See, we are on this building adventure right now, that started a few years ago, that honestly was not my idea at all! We just built a home a short few years prior but when God puts a vision in your heart then it's kind of hard to ignore that right! We listed our home for sale not having a plan but stepping out into the unknown. I will need a whole blog post, maybe 10+ to share that full story. So, if I would have been given the full picture of this adventure we are on, or if someone would have clued me in that it would be way longer than we expected.....guess what, I may would have never started it. However, I love that I can draw from all the many scriptures that encourages me that my strength can be renewed. So then I'm good, and if I'm good then you could be good and if we're both good then I would say, "It's a good year for a good year" to just start! Start with your passions, start with one baby tiny little step into the right direction, make one little change, do one little thing on your list each week or a bigger goal once a month. Don't look at the big picture because that can be so overwhelming at times but just one step focus, on day focus at a time. Before you know it, you will be soaring. Like I said about us home building, "It may be the biggest flop or it may be the biggest win. We will never know unless we get off the sidelines and go for what we feel is a deep desire in our heart that we just couldn't extinguish." Who cares if we fail, but at least we tried because you may just never know unless you START!

Here's my start to the blogging world! It may look different. It may just be really simple and it may just be here and there....who knows what it will evolve to but my focus will just be in the starting, the trying, the hiccups and all but then to keep starting! 

Cheers to your best in Twenty Seventeen! 

XO, Jamie