I love Jesus, my family, design, and my southern sweet tea!

I enjoy the hunt for great antiques and vintage finds. There's no better way to pass the time, than some junk yard shopping! It gives me the wonderful opportunity to breathe new life into old, forgotten furniture, which also happens to be a favorite hobby of mine! I love witnessing first hand that jaw-dropping transformation. Not only in thrifted pieces but in the people around me, too!

One of the greatest compliments I ever received was hearing someone say, "That girl really loves Jesus!" And, yes I absolutely and unapologetically do! One of the very first songs I learned as a child was, "He's my rock, He's my fortress, He's my deliverer in him shall I trust!"  I love him so much because of his amazing grace. When I couldn't hold on, He held onto me. He never let me go. His outstretched arms carried me. So now, I cling to him with all that I am. The Word of the Lord pulled me into my destiny. My hope is to be a vessel that God can freely use. I want to use the talents that He gave me in order to bring glory to Him.

I have been passionate about design for as long as I can remember. It started when I was just a child, designing my own bedroom over the years and trying to rearrange every other part of my family's home, too. When I would sit down to watch television, I found that I was more interested in all of the design elements on the set. I would pay attention to how they styled the kitchen, the layout of the living room furniture, and what colors had been used to set the tone. When riding in the car, I would notice every single architectural feature of the homes and buildings, flying by outside the window. My mom had {and still has} a love for magazines, and I recall poring over the pages and studying every little detail.

When it came time for college, I knew without a doubt that I wanted a career in Interior Design so I spent my freshman year doing just that. However, in the time that followed, I switched directions and found myself suddenly at Bible college. During that transition, I actually met my husband. Yes, we were college sweethearts who married first and then graduated together.

Our first rented town home was adorable! I began the process of making it into a home and spent most of my days shopping at Pier 1 Imports. Long story short, they recruited me to come work for them, so I could both save money and get the fabulous employee discount. Ha! In retrospect, I'm not sure who saved money on that deal!! I quickly worked my way up to a management position and eventually had the opportunity to open my own store. I worked with that company for many years and held different titles at times, but found that being a Visual Merchandiser was my cup of tea! Moving out of Pier 1 head quarters, I was recruited into a flagship Pottery Barn as their manager....dream job for sure, on a much larger scale!

Fast forward and we had a beautiful child.....and I fell in love with both motherhood and designing a dream nursery for our baby!

My husband and I have flipped two houses that we lived in previously and found along the way that we compliment each other very well. In the next home we built, I did the design work, at which time my passion really took flight. I loved creating my own floor plan and growing something from this seedling of an idea to an actual reality. That's when I knew. This is what I was made to do. It's so thrilling and humbling to see how God brings his children full circle.

Three years later, the market looked great, we felt the prompting of God and we took the chance on putting our beautiful home up for sale...it sold and here we are now, creating again!